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What's Jones Edits about?

Jones Edits is a freelance editing and ghostwriting service which draws upon Hayden Jones's vast experience working with people of all ages to express what matters to them.

An associate member of IPEd (Institute of Professional Editors), Hayden has decades of experience using his degree in Editing and Professional Writing to help people shape what they want to say.

  • Book authors: writers of fiction, poetry, self-help and biographical stories have found their voice with Hayden's guidance.

  • Employees across many industries have benefited from Hayden's insights into how to write an effective letter / email, a well-argued workplace change proposal or an appealing bulletin.

  • Disadvantaged people seeking advice on how to advocate for better support or services have been able to find the words they need to express themselves clearly.

He lives in Melbourne, Australia, and you can connect with him at LinkedIn

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"I highly recommend this very skilled and professional man to any writer who wants to see their work intelligently and sensitively critiqued and supportively reworked. His feel for the words and phrases, coupled with his solid grammatical and editing skills, meant for me a book I was both proud of and one which had maintained the authenticity of what I wanted to say." 

Sylvia Fraser

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