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Find your voice

Jones Edits is built on Hayden Jones's years of experience listening to people and guiding them to find their voice. Whether you have a book idea, a book draft or need help finalising a document, I'm here to assess your work and identify ways to reach your audience effectively. My ghostwriting and editing experience has included fiction, non-fiction, poetry and essays through to workplace policies and agreements!

First step - job appraisal: I'll do an assessment on the merits and deficiencies of your manuscript regarding its audience appropriateness, length and structure, as well as my proposed fee for services based on estimated time and work ($50 per hour for the written appraisal, and future copy editing work; agreed flat rate for structural editing and ghostwriting projects).

1. Ghostwriting: I'll pick up on your ideas and voice to create a manuscript or book proposal that clearly expresses what you want to say.

2. Copy editing: I'll do a thorough review of your work line by line to improve on the clarity and expression of your ideas.

3. Structural editing: I'll provide extensive feedback on the expression of your ideas and structure of your document, with suggestions on how to develop it in order that it speaks to your target audience/s.

If you require advice on self-publishing or publishing through Samantha Jansen Publishing then I can refer you.

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"Reading your feedback has made my day/week/month… Thank you so much again."

Laura Fontaine

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